Greg Ginstrom Florida Pool Designer

Greg Ginstrom

Pool Designer

"Love what you do and you'll never work another day in your life" is an old proverb rarely heard today. But at Watershapes it's more of a personal mission statement! Getting the opportunity to create something beautiful in someone's backyard and seeing the happiness and joy it brings to the homeowner is what motivates Watershapes by Greg to continue to produce high quality, long lasting, beautiful projects.

Of course it's unrealistic to think that every project is going to be a pleasure cruise, something on several occasions I have witnessed first hand. Some will be more challenging (Murphy's law) than others, but in the end the watershape which is just one component of the overall composition in the backyard has to be structurally sound, hydraulically balanced, aesthetically pleasing and be in harmony with the architecture of the home and it's surroundings.